Tears fall like Aquis

23 August 2019 - I was talking to a friend about all the trials and missteps I've mentioned in this blog—about how it looked like I'd faced one failure after another and that for nearly a decade I couldn't figure out why that was the case. As we chatted, I became verklempt as I mentioned the myriad projects I'd started that appeared at the time to be random one-offs, but that I now realize are part and parcel of all Omni is meant to be about. On Patreon, the Academy's tagline is "cultivating community by creating a whole new world," and that is one hundred percent what all of this 'stuff' has been about.

La Vie Sirene magazine paved the way for Writing on a Whim, the upcoming Cynosurae newspaper, and Omni's anthologies, the 3rd of which publishes next month with Besties & Beasties.

The retail spot I did not open with my cohort necessitated the creation of Whimsicalidocious, my dream of starting an arts nonprofit coming true.

Fantasy Fitness is now part of the Omni curriculum and I've already taught a few classes—woohoo! The Wellemental elements-based retreat I planned long before knowing about the academy and its element structure will be held next year.

Siren School was revealed to be the academy's all-female affiliate, and its long-forgotten newscasts were the dress rehearsal for Omni's Station AOAS newscasts starting in Spring, in keeping with academy activity written about in Pete's Omni Tale.

Shared Treasure Hunt will finally leave port from Omni in July 2020, the academy having deep connections with all things piratical.

The original language Naturim is taught at the academy and features in the first OmniQuest escapish-room game that launches 1 February 2020.

Pete's story will at last be published ... more like 'churned out' ... on an oh so regular basis, with chapters released every few days on Patreon, and novellas (about a dozen chapters in length) released every 6 weeks for the next 6-7 years.

The few 'fiddleheads' who have supported this project have seen their original characters come to life in Pete's story.

Even Platen, the stepchild element at the academy, has come into its own with the running of Dim Q's Tea Travellers Societea.

All the intense work and seemingly disparate projects are all unexpectedly converging, and where they all meet is at Omni. I could not be more delighted.

The Author's Journey

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A couple weeks back, while writing book #5 it Peyton Drake's saga, I was listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtracks. I have different playlists for each of my projects, and thanks to the number of movies set in Middle Earth (along with their length) I had hours upon hours of Howard Shore to inspire and mollify me. The concept of the Hero's Journey flitted through my mind—not just because that is part and parcel of each of the adventure novels in the series, but because I first understood the depth of the idea when I saw the Fellowship of the Ring, the first film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It was then I decided to offer a writing intensive that would take people from the very beginning of the writing process all the way through publication. I'm waiting until after all the end-of-summer, back-to-school, settle-into-fall mania calms down before announcing it, and look forward to seeing what sort of folk inquire. For now, it's back to work on a detailed mystery event I unwisely thought up and am now wondering what I've gotten us into.

Hoping to see you in Middle Earth next February!